NovaScan announces Luminary Scientific Advisory Board Leaders in Pulmonary and Gastroenterology

Posted May 5th, 2022 by NovaScan 

Chicago IL: NovaScan, a clinical-stage oncology company based in Chicago, has announced the appointment of luminaries in interventional pulmonology and gastroeneterology to lead initiatives in lung and GI, respectively.

NovaScan’s lung Scientific Advisory Board will be led by D. Kyle Hogarth, MD FCCP. A world-renowned authority in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of lung cancer through bronchoscopy, Dr Hogarth is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Chicago and is the Director of Bronchoscopy. He’s also the founder of the Society for Advanced Bronchoscopy, and an accomplished researcher in the minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer.

“NovaScan’s technology should improve precise real-time location of malignancies.” noted Dr Hogarth.  “This would be a substantial improvement to all forms of bronchoscopy especially as robotic bronchoscopy opens up the periphery of the lung for therapeutics. I look forward to working with the NovaScan team to make this happen.”

NovaScan’s gastroenterology Scientific Advisory Board will be led by Dr Isaac Raijman, AGAF, FASGE, FACP. Dr Raijman is a luminary internationally recognized endoscopist who has pioneered several novel endoscopic treatments. He is the highest volume clinician in the world performing single-use digital cholangioscopy. Dr Raijman is the past Chief of Gastroenterology at Baylor St Lukes Medical Center, a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at the Baylor College of Medicine, a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, and a former Clinical Associate Professor at the MD Anderson Cancer Center.   

“This is potentially revolutionary in the diagnosis of intra and extra-luminal lesions that are elusive by other means in detecting cancer” remarked Dr Raijman. “NovaScan should enable malignancy detection that can be performed by simple touch of a lesion that can be completed atraumatically, and/or and by tissue acquisition, allowing clinicians to obtain immediate results, which will subsequently foster improved workflow and impact patient care.”

NovaScan CEO Craig Davis also commented. “We are thrilled to attract the interest of world-renowned clinicians, such as Dr Hogarth and Dr Raijman. It’s testimony to the potential of our CRF technology to improve patient care and ultimately, outcomes. We look forward to working with Dr Hogarth and Dr Raijman to advance our pulmonary and GI applications.”

NovaScan is a venture-backed company that is active in numerous clinical specialties. Further information on NovaScan can be found at